BaggerMaid is dedicated to helping make people live easier and go green. We’ve made a commitment to better products, competitive prices, and striving for innovations in waste disposal. We believe in the green movement and want to leave our planet in better shape.

The BaggerMaid Philosophy:

To make garbage more sanitary, reduce injuries and invest in new eco-friendly technologies.

“Green” is going mainstream, with one large-scale survey1 finding that consumers with environmental consciousness and concerns possess spending power in excess of $230 billion. We are striving toward a greener future with research into biodegradability of our low-density polyethylene bags.

Many Eco-Friendly products help reduce waste, and make our planet a better, cleaner, healthier place to live. Our trash can system is recyclable, and we are studying the potential impact of including an additive to our bags that will make them biodegrade in about two years, once exposed to the elements. 

The importance of finding alternatives to standard plastic waste bags is critical heading into the future, but so is reducing workplace and home injuries and adding to the sanitary environment of places like healthcare facilities. From a price perspective, recycled, biodegradable, or compostable trash bags are getting close to that of many standard products. From an environmental standpoint, the difference will be immeasurable. Stay tuned!

The Green Home & The Safe Home

BaggerMaid can contribute to your healthier home. Make your home a healthy and safe place to live. 

Americans dispose of a lot of trash. Making it a little easier is always a positive. With BaggerMaid, you can change up to 90 bags without a trip to the pantry or searching under a sink for the next bag—because they’re right there in the wastebasket. For people with back problems this can be a huge boon.

Additionally, it’s unsanitary to place many bags into a wastebasket merely for convenience. If the current bag gets punctured, it will spill its contents out onto the next one and contaminate that one (and possibly many more). But there’s a simpler and better way—the BaggerMaid System. Each bag pulls through a protected slot that makes it much more difficult for contamination of other bags, while also making changing them easier and quicker.

BaggerMaid garbage bags are extra tough—resisting many tears and punctures. All that is in an effort to keep your home clean and healthy.

BaggerMaid Automatic Trash Containment System uses virgin plastic in the manufacture of their bags, helping it earn Food Grade Certification1, which means we take seriously our commitment to sanitary garbage disposable.

The Green Office & The Safe Office

ffices are often looking to “go green” and/or make a healthier and safer office environment.

BaggerMaid makes office garbage collection more sanitary. First, we use virgin plastic, so it is clean. Secondly we help you or your cleaning staff avoid making the office unsightly with dozens of bags pulled over the lip of the wastebasket, in an effort to make changing the bag easier. Third, we prevent contamination of other bags from spills due to punctures or cuts. Our replacement bags are in a protected area at the bottom of the can.

For the eco-conscious, the decision to make an office green is a smart business investment. When a business goes “green,” it is doing more than “merely” protecting our planet. A commitment to Eco-Friendliness makes a business environment healthier, generates goodwill with both employees and customers, and, now more than ever, saves money. To that end, BaggerMaid is developing and trying to reduce the costs of an additive that may make our bags biodegrade in about two years.

For large corporate orders we can put the eco-additive into the bag for a small additional cost.

Check in periodically to see what’s coming next.