The Importance of Getting Rid of Plastic Grocery Bags

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Although for many people, waste baskets are a household convenience, these tiny containers can quickly become a problem. Many people reuse their old plastic shopping bags as liners, something that is usually not recommended because bags rarely hold up to the normal wear and tear expected of a trash bag.

From an aesthetic standpoint, plastic shopping bags in a trash bin usually results in an unsightly amount of plastic overflowing the top. This looks both messy and inappropriate. Trash bags should be inconspicuous. As well as being user-friendly, the BaggerMaid automatic trash containment system removes these eyesores from view.

There are also practical advantages to consider. Although using plastic shopping bags might seem to be convenient as a short-term fix, they are a lot weaker than bags that are specifically made for trash containment. The BaggerMaid automatic trash containment system’s liner bags take away the worry about tears and leaks. The result is minimal cleaning and eliminating the unpleasant odors that can collect over time. Waste baskets that are used solely for administrative needs, like paper and pencil shavings, can still get their liners punctured, resulting in a heap of garbage on the floor. Flexible BaggerMaid trash bags can resist moisture and sharp edges, minimizing the mess on your home or office floors.

The Center for Biological Diversity, an Arizona-based nonprofit organization that works to protect endangered species, reports that, in the United States alone, 100 BILLION plastic bags are used each year. Shopping bags are not biodegradable. Consider how many plastic shopping bags you bring home in a single year. Imagine those bags sitting in a landfill for 500 years, releasing into the environment toxins and microplastics. A single-use bag that is thrown into the trash merely adds to the Earth’s choking amounts of waste materials and pollution. Using fewer shopping bags and storing them makes them easier to recycle, and reduces the number of bags in the oceans, seas, rivers, and landfills.

With the BaggerMaid automatic containment system, you can count on a bag that’s dependable and durable and feel confident about the products that contain trash in your home and workplace.

BaggerMaid: Made for life.

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