Technical Details of BaggerMaid Products

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BaggerMaid™ Bags

BaggerMaid Bags are made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), the most widely used plastic in the U.S., is a 100% recyclable plastic. It’s a lightweight thermoplastic made from hydrocarbons. The use of biodegradable and virgin plastic and the optional addition of P-Life™ to BaggerMaid bags, makes our system the only real choice for todays Eco- friendly and environmentally-conscience industries.

Additionally, unlike conventional garbage bags, the composition, anti-static nature and proportion of materials used in our bags makes them both ultra-strong and extra-stretchable!

BaggerMaid Garbage Bins

The virgin plastic composition of BaggerMaid basket makes them fire retardant (UL Certified Flammability rate HB), having better self-extinguishing properties than other baskets currently sold in the market.

BaggerMaid plastic receptacles are also recyclable.

Ergonomic design and eco-friendly materials make BaggerMaid THE system that combines a recyclable, Eco-friendly and regulations compliant product. BaggerMaid facilitates recycling of the entire system components and materials, and by saving time, money and decreasing work related injuries (and, therefore, loss of work), we help your business run better. Our system reduces back-strain, is more sanitary, and helps eliminate unnecessary recycling.

It may even provide fragrance to the compartment with an optional fragrance spritzer.

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